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Marijuana and the State of Nevada

In 2017 recreational marijuana use became legalized in the state of Nevada. Medical marijuana has been in effect prior to recreational use becoming legalized. Nevada voters approved Question 2 in 2016 to pass the use of recreational marijuana. A big misconception is that just because recreational marijuana is approved that means everyone has the freedom to do as they choose in regards to marijuana use, possession, and sales. The fact is that there are still guidelines and laws that must be followed.

On our site we have 2017 quarterly statistics that show us that people of all ages are still violating marijuana laws. First, recreational marijuana is for those that are aged 21 years and over. It is prohibited that anyone under the age of 21 to use recreational marijuana. The next misconception is that a person of age can purchase as much marijuana as they want. There are limits on the amount of marijuana that a person can possess. Also, recreational marijuana must be purchased at a licensed and taxed facility. The use of marijuana is not allowed in public place or in your motor vehicle. provides us with penalties for anyone who breaks Nevada marijuana laws. has resources for those who are looking for information regarding marijuana laws in Nevada. Searching this site will help those with any questions regarding marijuana in the state of Nevada. This law is a state law. Laws vary by state. Marijuana consumption is still illegal on the Federal level. We have seen marijuana laws become effective all across the country. Education on laws is important. We will continue to see laws passed and will learn more about marijuana as a whole in the years to come.

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