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Uniform Crime Reporting Program

Our Mission:  In partnership with Nevada’s Law Enforcement community and its citizens by providing complete, timely, and accurate crime data information in a manner that balances the need for public safety, individuals’ rights to privacy and ensures a positive customer service experience.


Our Purpose:  The purpose of the state UCR program is to systematically collect and analyze statistical information related to crime and delinquency and to publish information that can be used by a wide variety of sources, both public and private.  The state database follows the national Uniform Crime Reporting Model so that valid comparisons of crime trends can be made between states and forecasts of these trends can be developed.

Our Focus:  The program's focus is to provide a better understanding of crime in Nevada that will, in turn, assist criminal justice administrators, practitioners, and academics to plan, budget, and provide services to the public.  Participation by all criminal justice agencies in the state program is imperative, and will assure program users they have the  information needed to make good decisions.

What's Published:  The Nevada UCR program, housed within the Records Bureau, collects crime statistics from state law enforcement agencies and publishes the results for use in national and state summaries.  It publishes the Crime in Nevada annual report and forwards the statistics to the FBI for inclusion in national reports.  Quarterly reports are published on this site, here.  The UCR section also drafted a standardized form for police to report domestic violence incidents and crimes against the elderly; workbooks can be found here.

NRS 179A.078 provides for the Public Safety Director to establish a uniform program for reporting crime.

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