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Uniform Crime Reporting Services

The time for improvement and the need for more precise data has arrived.

NIBRS implemented to improve the overall quality of crime data collected by law enforcement, captures details on each single crime incident - as well as on separate offenses within the same incident -- including information on victims, known offenders, relationships between victims and offenders, arrestees, and property involved in the crimes.


The program's focus is to provide a better understanding of crime in Nevada which will, in turn, assist criminal justice administrators, practitioners, and academics to plan, budget, and provide services to the public. Participation by all criminal justice agencies in the state program is imperative, and will assure program users they have the information needed to make good decisions.


Law Enforcement Agencies​

Research states, the use of timely and accurate localized data to drive law enforcement operations toward more efficient and effective resource deployment is the benchmark for 21st-century policing.  High-quality, detailed data is paramount for effective decision making. LEAs have records management systesm, incident-based reporting systems, and information sharing tools that provide data on crime incidents, suspects, victims, and arrests.  Together, these resources can be assessed to identify local and regional trends, to effectively deploy resources, and to support data-driven policing initiatives.


Community Groups

Agency leaders, victim advocacy groups, and policy makers can use the detailed NIBRS data to better target scarce resources for both victim assistance and crime prevention.  Analysts can use the data to examine geographic and season changes in crime across jursidictions, counties, states, and at regional levels.  Unbiased, detailed, and comparable trend information to communities can both increase transparency and allow law enforcement the opportunity to explain important differencs between certain crimes to citizens.


NIBRS Templates 

Downloadable Forms



Agency Transition Readiness Checklist

Coming Soon...

Agency Templates 

Agency Transition Dates & Key Activities 

Agency Transition Dates & Responsibilities


Downloadable Forms

Current UCR Reporting Documents

Blank UCR Workbook

Domestic Violence* **

Crimes Against Older Persons

*NOTE:  New Domestic Violence Form as of January 2018.

-- Differences between DV Form 2018 and past forms.

**Law Changes:  The Definition of Domestic Violence was approved for change as of 06.08.2017 per SB361.  "ANY OTHER PERSON WITH WHOM THE PERSON IS OR WAS ACTUALLY RESIDING" is not longer a part of the definition.  This form has been updated to exclude these categories.


Crime Statistics

2017 Crime Data:  January - June

(Semi-Annual Reports)

Click a link below to View Semi-Annual Statistics for the State of Nevada and each County within it.  State Totals are on top of County Totals.  Counties are in alphabetical order. Updated Sept 12, 2017


Per NRS 179A.350 the UCR Annual Report will be published by July 1st to the RCCD Website.  

Crime Offense Totals

Property Value Loss Totals

Arrest Under 18

Arrest 18 - 24 Years of Age

Arrest 25 - 59 Years of Age

Arrest 60 Years and Older

Arrest Race - Adult

Arrest Race - Juvenile


Human Trafficking


Domestic Violence Offender - Victim

Domestic Violence General - Arrestee

Crimes Against Older Persons

Click Here for Quarterly Reports
Updated 3.23.2018

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