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Nevada Offense Code Updates


 Phone: 775-687-0194 or 775-687-0199




The State of Nevada has what is known as the Nevada Offense Code or

NOC (pronounced “knock”) file which provides a single, comprehensive catalog

 of all crimes that a person can be charged. 

All Nevada Revised Statutes have been mapped to the corresponding

NIBRS Offense Code(s) and SRS have been validated



                                                                                                                                                                                             NOC_NIBRS_MONTHLY.XLS  2,720 KB (Google Drive)


August 28, 2019 | August Updates (NEW)


Need to find the NIBRS codes for a particular Nevada Offense Code?

We have made it easy for you to search the NOC file by: 






...and many other fields


Try our new online search feature!  NOC Lookup Application 

Check out our  Step-by-Step NOC Search Desk Guide (PDF) to get started




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