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Please contact the Nevada Offense Code Unit (NOC) Team with Questions:


Nevada Offense Code Updates


 Phone: 775-687-0194 or 775-687-0199


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The State of Nevada has what is known as the Nevada Offense Code or  NOC (pronounced “knock”) file which provides a single, comprehensive catalog of all crimes that a person can be charged. 


February 28, 2020 | February Updates (NEW)

Update on AB236

2019 Legislature passed AB236 which reduced the penalty for certain crimes,

and revised provisions relating to burglary, theft, drugs, etc.  Because this bill

repeals over 260 NOCs and creates over 200 new NOCs the

NOC Unit will start creating the new NOCs next week. 


These new NOCs will be disseminated to NOC users on May 5, 2020,

and will be activated by the NOC Unit on June 29, 2020.


                                                                                                                         NOC_NIBRS_MONTHLY.XLS   59+ MB (Google Drive)



                                                                                                                                                                                        NOC_NIBRS_MONTHLY_CURRENT.XLS  2 MB (Google Drive)

February 26, 2020    

New NOC for Justifiable Homicide (NEW)

A NOC 61932 had to be created for NIBRS reporting purposes.

NRS 200.190  NIBRS 09C is flagged “not bookable”

and “not retainable”. 


August 28, 2019  


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