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Media Tool Kit

NIBRS Marketing and Training Materials

A set of promotional materials that provide information about the transistion from SRS to NIBRS for law enforcement agencies and community groups who prioritize public safety.


NIBRS Overview

Learn more about NIBRS by accessing NIBRS Annual Reports, Additional Resources, NIBRS Documentation and NIBRS Contact Information.


FBI Letter Stating Transition to NIBRS

Explore FBI UCR Services which include: Publications, General Resources, LEOKA Resources, NIBRS Resources, Recent Program Updates, Data Collections and Documentation.


Guide to Understanding NIBRS

This helpful resource will go over the benefits of NIBRS participation, reporting procedures and give you an overview of the NIBRS program.


Effects of NIBRS on Crime Statistics

Gain an understanding of why NIBRS provides a greater value for agencies and gives a more accurate, transparent and complete story of crime.


NIBRS User Manual

The manual addresses NIBRS policies, the types of offenses reported via NIBRS, and guidelines for an agency to become certified to submit NIBRS data to the FBI.


Nevada NIBRS Technical Specification

Version 3.0, June 2018: A list of all changes by segment and Nevada technical specifications.

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