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Technology & Crime

Technology is rapidly growing in all facets of life. When it comes to how technology is impacting crime we will take a look at some interesting news stories about how technology is changing the criminal world. Several decades ago DNA testing made an impact on criminal cases. Cameras have been more prevalent and have caught criminals committing crimes. Over the past few years the internet and streaming services have caught criminals in the act. People all across the globe use social media to connect with friends and family, read the news, look at memes, etc. People are making posts to social media that are giving authorities evidence of crimes. In 2016, an Ohio teenager witnessed her friend being raped. Instead of stepping in and doing something to prevent the act the friend streamed a live video of the rape through a social media app. For people involved in the justice system these new situations are popping up. Another case that shows us the world we live in now is that a Florida man was arrested for sexual assault after a PlayStation microphone captured the man allegedly assaulting a female. The microphone captured the female telling the male “no” four times. DNA testing linked the Florida man to the alleged assault.

Speaking of DNA testing here is a link to a video and an article from CNN Business that takes a look on how DNA testing is evolving:

The last technology tidbit we will take a look at is from Elko. From an article on the Elko Daily Free Press website the Elko County jail will be doing visits online. The jail will be eliminating face-to-face visits as of January 7th, 2019. There is a quote from Sheriff Jim Pitts about the new change. “The changes being implemented are necessary due to increased inmate counts, officer safety and modernization of the inmate visitation process.” Visitors can make video visits from anywhere. This is a concept that wasn’t possible in the past but it is another change that we will see play out.

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