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With the 4th of July approaching Nevadans will gather to celebrate America’s birthday. When we think about the 4th of July we think about watching fireworks. Before you consider going out to buy some fireworks of your own to shoot off this is what you should know about fireworks in the state of Nevada. NRS 244.367 states that counties have the right to “pass ordinances prohibiting, restricting, suppressing or otherwise regulating the sale, use, storage and possession of fireworks, and providing penalties for the violation thereof.”

In Clark County if you are caught with possessing or launching illegal fireworks you can be fined $1,000 and can face jail time. Also if you are in a county that allows fireworks that does not mean that you can shoot off fireworks wherever you want. Crimes and penalties can vary depending on the county as well as what occurs after you light your fireworks if you decide to set them off. is set up for Clark County residents to report illegal fireworks to local police online instead of calling so that emergency lines can remain clear. The following screenshots will show what the website looks like.

The first section is where you can enter information about the illegal fireworks activity you have seen. If you want to remain anonymous you can. You do not have to enter any of your contact information as those fields are optional. The second section allows you to select the location of the activity. When you enter the address or place into the search bar the map will locate the location of where you saw the illegal activity. Once you have finished entering the information you can click “Submit Illegal Fireworks Complaint” to complete the process.

Remember to stay safe this 4th of July as you enjoy celebrating with loved ones and friends.

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