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Burning Man

We have reached that time of year once again where thousands flock to the Nevada desert to enjoy art and festivities. Burning Man 2018 is in full effect. The first time Burning Man took place in Nevada was in 1990. Reports estimate that 70,000 people gather for Burning Man each year. That 70,000 figure is higher than the population of Nevada’s capital, Carson City, which the US Census estimates the population to be 54,745. The big story so far from Burning Man seems to be an increase of police traffic stops. Just because someone is going to the middle of the desert to have fun doesn’t mean that there is no laws. Pershing County is the agency that makes sure the law gets enforced during Burning Man since the event takes place in their jurisdiction. About 3 dozen people were arrested for drugs in 2016 at Burning Man. The traffic stops are to control illegal drugs being brought to Burning Man. These traffic stops seem to be controversial to some. A report from the RGJ says that Burning Man may sue over these traffic stops. It seems like police presence every year is a topic of conversation but there has not been a decrease of people that turn up to Burning Man. You can go to to learn more about the event and to see past archives about previous years.

Who goes to Burning Man? Each year a sample is taken to see what type of people go to Burning Man. In 2017 10,000 people were sampled. Here are some interesting figures from that report:

· 38.6% of people sampled were 1st time Burners.

· 44.3% of people sampled were 25-34 years old.

· 72.2% of people sampled had at least an Associate Degree.

· The median personal income of Burners in 2017 was $60,700.

· Only 6.6% of people sampled live in Nevada.

There are 10 principles of Burning Man which are as followed:

1. Radical Inclusion

2. Gifting

3. Decommodification

4. Radical Self-reliance

5. Radical Self-expression

6. Communal Effort

7. Civic Responsibility

8. Leaving No Trace

9. Participation

10. Immediacy

Burning Man this year should be another fun event for event goers but once again it does not mean you get to do whatever you want. Law enforcement will be making sure that people are following the law and remain safe.

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