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The NIBRS is the pathway to richer crime statistics that can improve our ability to address the important issues we face today. 

National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

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Statistical analysis can make a difference in recognizing patterns in:


  • Crime and Victimization

  • Safety programs successes and needs

  • Force needs and training demands

Why the change? 


  • Process & Procedures for Certification

  • Summary of Differences: SRS vs NIBRS

  • Journal articles from Police Chief Magazine

  • Learning Video Tutorials

Links to keep you updated as the nation changes over to NIBRS by January 2021.


1. Need for Precision

2. Richer Crime Statistics

3. Faster Access to Robust Data

Read Past Governor  Sandoval's Press Release regrading NIBRS


Helping to find the right UCR  solution.

A major finding of the Vision 21:  Transforming Victim Services Final Report is that crime victim services must be designed with a clear understanding of who is being victimized and by whom.  


NIBRS Timeline

NIBRS partners with a shared vision.

Victim service providers can use NIBRS data to identify patterns of crime and victimization that can justify the need for additional resources and guide decisions on optimal resource development.


​Crime Data Comprehensive incident data on 22 categories of crime, which are further classified into 46 offenses.  States and localities can better identify underserved victims and provide targeted training for victim services providers. 


Victimization Data A comprehensive, more meaningful picture of crime in a community by providing information on specific types of crime, victim demographics, the relationship between victim and offender, and a more complete and comprehensive picture of family violence. 


Clearance Data The current SRS collects almost no data on the details of criminal incidents, NIBRS overcomes this limitation by collecting arrest information.  This data will allow law enforcement officers to track cases and update their files any time NIBRS receives new information.  There is now an ability to analyize case clearance rates for specific crimes.

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