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Motor Vehicle Theft

For UCR proposes motor vehicle theft includes all cases where automobiles are taken by persons not having lawful access, including joyriding. A motor vehicle is “a self-propelled vehicle that runs on land surface and not rails.” The definition does not include: farm equipment, bulldozers, airplanes, construction equipment, boats. There are three different categories for motor vehicles: autos, trucks and buses, and other.

Autos: “This category includes the theft of all sedans, station wagons, coupes, convertibles, sport utility vehicles, minivans, and other similar motor vehicles that serve the primary purpose of transporting people from one place to another. Include automobiles used as taxis.”

Trucks and Boats: “This category includes the theft of those vehicles specifically designed (but not necessarily used) to commercially transport people and cargo. Include Pickup Trucks, Vans, and Self-Propelled Motor Homes regardless of use.”

Other: “This category includes all other motor vehicles that meet the UCR definition.”

Examples: motorcycles, golf carts, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, electric carts, go carts, and electric wheelchairs.

In 2017 a motor vehicle theft occurred every 41 minutes and 4 seconds in the state of Nevada. 12,797 motor vehicle thefts occurred in 2017 which was a decrease from 2016 where there were 13,153 cases of motor vehicle thefts. The following graphs give a better look of motor vehicle thefts in Nevada.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has some tips to help better protect your vehicle(s).

• Always take your key, don’t leave it in or on your vehicle.

• Always close and lock all windows and doors hen you park.

• Park in well-lit areas.

• Always keep your vehicle in your garage, if possible.

• Never, ever leave valuables in your vehicle, especially where they can be seen.

• Never, ver leave the area while your vehicle is running.

Anti-theft systems and devices are designed to make vehicles more difficult to steal. These devices can help aid you in tracing and recovering your motor vehicle. Any vehicle can be a target but hopefully we can lessen the odds of your vehicle getting stolen. We will see if motor vehicle thefts will decrease in Nevada in 2018. Remember the tips above and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

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