UCR / Crime In Nevada Book Guide and How-to's

NRS Mandates

Link to NRS 179A Section


2017 - 2018 UCR Calendar

Crime Statistics Directive

Crystal Reports Used for Monthly Reports

How-to Tutorials:


How to Create a Table of Contents



How to Protect a Worksheet in Excel

How to Use Macros in Excel

How to Format an .xlsm file to an .xls file 

How to Eliminate Random Spaces in Excel (for DV Report)

How to View and Edit Links in Excel

How to Edit and Update Links in a Summary File

Graph Changes:

How to Change Graph Data in Excel

How to Copy/Paste Tables and Graphs from Excel to Word

How to Create a Column Bar Graph in Excel

How to Create a Pie Chart Graph in Excel


How to Run Protection Order Reports

How to Run Domestic Violence Quarterly Reports

How to Edit Website to Post DV Reports

UCR Agency Info/Training:

Agency Training:  How to Enter Data into UCR Workbook PowerPoint

How to Upload State UCR Files

How to Access/Edit Courses in Moodle as an Administrator

How to Moodle

2018 UCR Workbook (Blank)

2018 Domestic Violence Workbook (Blank)

2018 Crimes Against Older Persons Workbook (Blank)

Crime-In Nevada Book:

Crime In Nevada Manual

Crime In Nevada Reference Guide

Reference Sheets for The Book:

Data Reference Fill-In Sheet

Year-to-Year Comparison Sheet

Book References Fill-in Sheet

How to Cross-Check Data in THE BOOK

THE BOOK Cross-Check Checklist

How to Run Summary Files in Excel

Graph Data Needs

Suggestions for 2017 Book

Aggregate Data (used prior to Automated Summary Files):

How to Create One PDF File with Page Numbering

Aggregating Data:  Task Description - Time Study

How to Use the RDB Merge Add-in Function in Excel to Aggregate Data

Steps to Aggregating UCR Data

Summary Files (used for UCR automation):